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Throw Positivity Around

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By Kelly McClure


Staying positive builds relationships, helps contribute to a successful shift, and directly impacts the lives of the people we support and the teams surrounding them. As staff, when we maintain a positive attitude, it leads to more natural, successful encounters between staff and the people supported, providing opportunities to learn and grow together.

By maintaining a positive outlook, you cause a contagious, positive vibe that everyone can feel. It isn’t always instantaneous, but with a little practice, you will begin to see the environment around you change from a negative environment to a positive one for all. It is important we remind ourselves and our teammates to practice positivity.

Do you know someone who is a naturally positive presence? Someone who can find the good in just about any situation? Who builds people up? Someone who can build relationships easily with others? Does this sound like you? We have immediate openings for positive support specialists! Check out this video for more information on the positive support specialist position:


Use this link to find out more about the positive support specialist position: