HIGHER WAGES! OPWDD direct support starts at $15 and $15.75 +. Learn more

Benefits & Perks

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Starting at $15 an hour for OPWDD care positions, we offer the chance to work a variety of days and hours – and that means we have schedules that work for everyone. Plus, there’s paid training, vacation time and sick leave. There’s also extra pay when you work overnights and weekends. Other perks include tuition assistance, rewards for work anniversaries, help with buying and selling a home and more.

Our frontline employees are compassionate, highly skilled care providers who ensure that every interaction affords dignity and respect to those they support. It is a worthy and essential job, this work in support of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities — a job that deserves a wage beyond minimum. We start all people in frontline care roles at $15 an hour, $15.75 for full-time residential and respite. When you work a Saturday or Sunday you earn an extra 50 cents an hour. If you work any day between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. you earn an extra 75 cents an hour. If you happen to work an overnight shift during the weekend, you get the higher of the two options, which is 75 cents and brings you to between $15.75 and $16.50 an hour.

On top of that, if you work a shift at one of our sites that supports people with more complex needs, you earn an additional $1 an hour. Now, you’re up to $16.75 to $17.50 an hour if you work overnight at one of these sites.

In addition, we pay overtime for not just more than 40 hours worked in a week but also for more than 10 hours worked in a day. This provides time and a half each time someone agrees to commit to a double shift, as an added thank-you. We also pay overtime even in weeks when you have used holiday or vacation time; we still count that as time worked!

To help you keep more of your money, we offer free tax preparation services for income-eligible employees, low-cost health care, assistance for home buying and selling, discounts and more. Some of our other top-of-class benefits include bonuses, vacation time and sick leave, broad choice in health and dental insurance, 11 paid holidays – three of which are unassigned so you can celebrate the days that are important to you – and a generous retirement contribution.