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Compass Distinction

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Heritage Christian Services has been validated as a Compass agency by NYS OPWDD since the program’s inception more than two decades ago. We are one among only four organizations in the state of New York to earn this distinction, ranking HCS in the top 1 percent of highest quality providers. This validation is evaluated each year. It allows HCS to rely on internal audit versus external review and serve as a model to more than 600 providers in the state.

During the most recent review, the OPWDD validation team noted several strengths of our agency’s values and services, including that we:

  • Foster a sense of individuality. Our homes offer staffing and amenities that meet the individual needs of the people living there.
  • Exercise creativity and innovation. Our organization consistently finds creative solutions that maximize budgetary and staffing efficiency, allowing us to meet our commitment to high-quality care despite challenging times.
  • Value our staff. Staff members at Heritage Christian Services say they feel like their perspective matters. We support staff to apply their training in their daily work, promote continued personal and professional growth and we continually try to respect their time away from work.
  • Use processes that work. We received validation that many of the systems we have in place, to ensure quality support and services, are working. No matter what roadblocks might be in our path, people in our organization have the energy and vision needed to do our work well and meet long-term goals.

At Heritage Christian Services, we are constantly working to meet and exceed standards, for the people we support and for our workforce. Consider working for an organization that makes people and quality services a priority by applying today.