What is Direct Support?

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Direct support happens where life happens.

Heritage Christian Services works with thousands of people in Rochester and Buffalo to make sure they have access to housing, jobs and other things that make life better.

Most of our agency’s 2,500 employees work directly with people who have disabilities. Their work happens where life happens, so sometimes they go with people to art therapy or to a book club or to a movie. But wherever they are, they treat people with respect and dignity.

Heritage Christian Services employees enjoy great benefits including:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition assistance
  • Low co-pays
  • Retirement plans
  • Performance bonuses
  • Employee discounts

In a direct support role, you will support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by:

  • teaching independent living skills;
  •  assisting with personal care;
  • advocating for inclusive communities;
  • encouraging growth in personal relationships; and
  • assisting people to fulfill in their lives what matters most to them.

So, a direct support professional might support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by serving in these roles: educator * hairstylist * adventurer * chauffeur * health and wellness coach * travel companion * advocate * chef * dance partner * encourager * and more.

We have positions available in the counties of: Monroe, Wayne, Ontario, Livingston, Erie and Niagara. 

DSP Interdisciplinary Chart