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Immerse Yourself: Work Alongside People With Disabilities

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What is Direct Support?

Heritage Christian Services works with thousands of people in Rochester and Buffalo to make sure they have access to housing, jobs and other things that make life better.

Most of our agency’s 3,000 employees work directly with people who have disabilities. Their work happens where life happens, which means working could be where people visit family or even go fishing, to mention a couple of examples. But wherever they are, they treat people with respect and dignity.

In a direct support role, support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by:

  • teaching independent living skills
  • assisting with personal care
  • advocating for inclusive communities
  • encouraging growth in personal relationships
  • and assisting people to fulfill in their lives what matters most to them.

Direct support professionals might find themselves in several roles, like being an: educator * hair stylist * adventurer * chauffeur * health and wellness coach * travel companion * advocate * chef * dance partner * encourager * and more.

Discover a meaningful career at Heritage Christian Services, where every day is different. In a direct support job, you will not only grow as a person, but you’ll be making the community better.

Heritage Christian Services reaches people in 15 counties in the Rochester and Buffalo Niagara regions, which means we have an opportunity near you. Apply today.

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Meet Angelica

Angelica said she didn’t know what she wanted to do. She started at Heritage Christian Services while still going to school. Then she fell in love with the job. She said that she has changed as a person – for the better.

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Meet Dan

He said when he came to HCS, he was looking for a full-time job, trying to get a paycheck, still figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. Now Dan he feels like he’s doing something good when he goes into work every day.

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Meet Raychelle

In her work at Heritage Christian Services, Raychelle discovered that she has a passion for caring for people. She also said that one of the most important things she’s learned is that compassion goes a long way.

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Apply for a Direct Support Role

Apply today and you can start paid training as soon as you’re ready. Earn up to $19.55/hr. for certain direct support residential shifts.

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