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An Open Letter to My Co-Workers

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By Lindsay Grimm


Greetings friends,

I thought in this difficult time in the world that it would be beneficial to send out a message of encouragement, and solidarity. This e-mail isn’t work related, or due to any news about our specific jobs. This is just a reflection on the uncertainty that we are facing as a nation. Based on the conversations I’ve had with some of you today, I know that these are some very heavy feelings and it can be difficult to wade through them and provide encouraging words for the people we support on our caseloads. This feels more unnerving than it should, due to the fact that we’ve become so accustomed to knowing “what comes next.” Our interconnected world and technology allows us to communicate in seconds via text, to order whatever is necessary and get it in two days, and to pull through a drive thru and have a hot meal in two to three minutes. The thought of all that changing amidst a devastating health crisis is extremely anxiety inducing, but it doesn’t have to be.

I think it’s important in these times to focus on the constants in our lives. That is different for all of us. For some, our constants include our family, our children, our pets, our hobbies, music, films, books etc. I want to remind you that these constants are still going to be there for us. Our very fast paced world is going to slow down, that’s true… but if you can allow yourself to accept this difficult temporary change, your mind and racing thoughts may slow down, too.

Despite large gatherings being canceled and the push to utilize virtual communication, we are still very much connected. (Thank goodness for the internet and 4G networks, right?)  I know that each and every one of us is facing different struggles outside of work. Maybe we’re worried about childcare, maybe we’re worried about our health or the health of our loved ones, maybe we’re worried if we will have resources to get through this uncertain time. Everyone is feeling this.

As we dwell on the ways in which our lives are going to change, social distancing, businesses closing, schools and day cares closing, grocery stores with limited items, wondering what decisions will be made at a state and federal level, we forget about the ways in which our lives will stay the same. Most importantly, we’re ALL in this together. Our families, our neighbors, our friends, and our coworkers, we’re all facing this uncertainty. But the one thing I AM certain of, is that I am here for you, and you are there for me, and that’s VERY powerful.

I hope my long-winded e-mail finds you all in good health and please know that I am here for anyone that is really struggling through these dubious times. Tomorrow is a new day and it truly is what we make of it, don’t forget the power within you. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my favorite philosopher.

“The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.” – Voltaire

Your friend,

Lindsay Grimm, Employment Services Coordinator