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5 Ways to be a Better Co-Worker

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By Kelly McClure


The people you work with have a huge impact on the work you do every day. Having co-workers who you get along with can increase your work performance, satisfaction, and even your motivation to do your job well.

What can you do when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t get along with your co-workers? A great way to improve your working environment is to work on improving your own mindset. Here are five tips to improve yourself and hopefully your work environment:

  1. Communicate – Be the communicator you want your co-workers and leaders to be. Communicate changes, ask questions when there are gray areas, and communicate your expectations for yourself and others.
  2. Listen – While communication is important so is taking time to listen and receive information from your co-workers. Actively listening to others will build trust and confidence.
  3. Be Teachable – No one is perfect or “has arrived” so to speak. Being flexible and teachable is so important when it comes to working on a team.  Receiving feedback will help you be perceived as approachable by your co-workers.
  4. Be Authentic – Another word for authentic is genuine. People can tell when someone is being genuine or disingenuous. If you share your true character with your co-workers it will be much easier for them to open up in a genuine manner.
  5. Be Professional – If you wouldn’t do or say something with the highest executive within the organization present, you probably shouldn’t be doing or saying it! It’s sometimes that simple.