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Your Health Matters

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Have you flown on an airplane lately? One of the first safety announcements the flight attendant shares is that in the event of an emergency you should put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. When you take on a role in direct support it is important for you to make  your own health and wellness a priority.The nature of direct support requires that you give of yourself on a daily basis.

To take care of yourself, we recommend:

  • Get some exercise and be physically active. One of the benefits of exercise is increased energy and ability to manage a demanding job, with energy left over to enjoy life after work!
  • Eat healthy foods to fuel your body. Food is fuel to keep your body operating and placing the most fuel-efficient foods into the stomach helps you keep your system operating at its best.
  • Use positive self-talk. Stop repeating all the “old tapes” that concern you. Stop the negative comments that others have said about you throughout your life. Repeat just the good statements: You are AWESOME! There is no one quite like YOU!

People who are drawn to direct support enjoy being of service to others. Remember that you will be at your best when you care for yourself first.