How to tell if direct support is the job for you

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If you are trying to decide if supporting people who have a developmental or intellectual disability would be a good fit for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the patience to support someone with a lot of physical and emotional needs?
  • Can I be flexible with my time when training and getting to know the people I would be supporting?
  • Would I be comfortable supporting someone with personal care?
  • Can I handle the smell of feces and urine?
  • Am I squeamish around body fluids?
  • Am I someone who can remain positive even when it seems like everyone or everything around me is negative?
  • Can I work in team setting and take directions from others?
  • Am I open to working with people of all different backgrounds?
  • Can I put aside the frustrations of yesterday and start fresh each day?
  • Am I willing to put other people — and their goals — first?

Being creative, positive and open minded will help you AND it will help the people you serve figure out where they want to go in their lives, too.  If this sounds like you, a career in direct support might be for you.