4 ways to advance your DSP career

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People who work in direct support have a wide variety of career advancement opportunities. Planning for your future depends on the actions you take every day.

Actions that help you move your career forward:

It is important to be a lifelong learner and continue to develop your skills and provide excellent support to the people you serve.

Don’t forget the basics; show up early and be prepared for work, dress for success, and be pleasant to be around.

It is also important to be solution focused toward problems, and offer suggestions on how to improve.

You should develop a network for yourself and let others know about your interests in advancing your career.

As a direct support staff, you have the opportunity to influence every one you come in contact with.  It is not about the position you hold, it is more about the impact you have in the position you are in today.  Trust in yourself and the team around you and you will be successful.