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Family and Friends Come to Work

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Terry DeMar encouraged her daughter, Katie, to get her first job at HCS.

Did you know that Heritage Christian Services hires dozens of staff family members each year? It’s common for employees to recommend HCS as a place to work to spouses, high school-age children and other relatives. And the best part is, these types of great referrals oftentimes qualify for Refer & Earn, a program that offers financial rewards to employees who recommend people to our jobs.

Terry DeMar started at Heritage Christian Services 31 years ago. As her children grew, they started to get to know the people she was working alongside. Her daughter, Katie, volunteered with them through Special Olympics and helped out organizing special occasions like the HCS Ladies Retreat.

Terry said, “When Katie was trying to find that first part-time job, I knew she enjoyed working with the people. I said she should look into jobs here.” And so, as a senior in high school, Katie did work part-time at Heritage Christian Services. And she has continued part-time for years, through college, and even when she returns to the area between her teaching sessions at a school in Guatemala. This past summer she passed her 10-year HCS anniversary. What a terrific family referral!

Regarding the Refer & Earn financial reward program, Terry said, “I think it’s really cool that the agency’s always trying to figure out how to help the employees already here. It’s also cool when you see some quality in a person that you think matches and that [HCS] rewards you for recommending them.”