Employee spotlight: Emi Okada Coleman

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How long have you worked at Heritage Christian?

Six months.

How do you share your passions at work?

I have a passion for teaching. When I try to teach life skills I really enjoy it.  I try to explain to individuals small steps. When they become able to do it I feel very excited.

What is your favorite part of the day?

It’s lunchtime.  During lunchtime everybody is free to sit with everybody, just to enjoy the meals together and talk about the lunch or talk about what we going to do tonight or what happened over the weekend. That’s when you don’t have specific groups but everybody comes together and it’s a family time. I really like it.

How has working at HCS changed you?

For me what has changed the most is having confidence. I grew up in Japan so I’ve always tried to be polite, my voice was really soft, and that didn’t work here. Some individuals had a hard time hearing my voice if I tried to be too humble. Now I know when to be humble and when to be kind of firm. I think that’s a skill because of working here.

What do you like about HCS as an agency?

I feel like everybody tries to get to know each other and connect with each other. I don’t think that’s something you can expect in every workplace so I think that’s one of the greater things about Heritage Christian Services. Everybody calls each other by first name so that’s really good because you don’t really have to worry about the position difference or age difference you just call everybody by first name and be casual. I think that’s something every new employee can enjoy.