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A Look Inside the Day of an Assistant Manager

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As an Assistant Manager, Ivelyz works Sunday through Thursday. On a typical Sunday, she gives people their medication in the morning and assesses everyone’s plans for the day, which is usually to relax together before kicking off the week. Ivelyz helps ensure everyone is comfortable and helps set up the TV or puzzles. Monday through Thursday, the ladies she supports go to work. When they arrive home, Ivelyz helps them settle down and get snacks ready until dinner. Ivelyz values being the one to help make sure everyone is comfortable after a long day.

What to Expect

An incoming DSP should know not every day has to be perfect and no one expects them to be perfect. People just want to know the staff members are there to support them when needed. At the end of the day, the people we support are family and they give us a lot of love, so it’s OK to be imperfect and struggle during challenges. A DSP should remember to cope with a tough situation by simply walking away (if the situation does not pose a threat) and taking a moment to themselves to then return after briefly gathering one’s emotions. A DSP should ask co-workers for support and give help when asked. These mutual, reliable bonds lead staff members to provide better support.

DSPs have many opportunities to learn and grow. Ivelyz encourages DSPs to step outside their comfort zone and take advantage of these opportunities, like photo shoots, because they can take you so much farther than you expected.


People sound astounded at the patience Ivelyz must have in order to do her job. As important as patience is to the DSP role, Ivelyz truly loves her job and her work is more supported by her care for others and her heart. Although people may think the people she supports are incapable, Ivelyz has seen them accomplish so much, especially with cooking. Several of the people she supports cook and make recipes their own from their own ideas and alterations.

How to Be a Great DSP

Ivelyz strives to be a great DSP by living every day with a smile because there is always greatness in each day. Finding the positivity in each day can help change the perspective of the negativity during the day. In the face of challenges, it’s important to remember that things are always going to get better and helping the people we support is the first priority.