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10 Reasons to Apply at Heritage Christian Services

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Do you know people who need a job, a side hustle or just a change? Here are 10 reasons why people should apply for a direct support role at Heritage Christian Services.

  1. HCS constantly works to increase wages. It’s a challenge with government mandates, but Heritage Christian has worked it out to offer above-average direct support wages. Additionally, there are shift differentials — which means even higher pay during overnights and weekends — plus overtime pay.
  2. Get financial rewards throughout the year. While surprise bonuses aren’t guaranteed, HCS has a track record of granting more than one a year. Employees can also earn unlimited dollars — as much as $400 per person hired! — for recommending new staff.
  3. Benefits and perks feel great. HCS offers affordable health care, life insurance and retirement planning. Employees also enjoy perks like tuition grants, assistance with buying and selling homes and cash rewards for milestone work anniversaries, to name a few.
  4. Paid vacation and sick leave help out. The agency pays employees to take time off, to refresh and rejuvenate. New employees start accruing time immediately and have as much as 32 hours of vacation time after the first 12 months of full-time work, plus paid sick leave and holidays.
  5. 11 paid holidays, three of them your own. Staff members can count on taking time for important days. Do you celebrate Rosh Hashanah? Juneteenth? Festivus? Employees are encouraged to flex three days that are personally meaningful.
  6. Call a success coach when the unthinkable occurs. In addition to a robust Employee Assistance Program, HCS has a success coach, which is a private and cost-free resource for employees. Coaches help find solutions for emergencies like loss of child care, transportation, housing and other matters, so staff members can be their best at home and at work.
  7. No prior work experience is necessary. Heritage Christian provides paid training so that our staff can have the confidence and know-how needed to succeed on the job. Some trainings are in-person, and many are self-paced online.
  8. HCS makes 100+ promotions a year. With nearly 100 neighborhood homes and day programs, HCS has dozens of leadership and supervisory roles. It’s a great place to gain management experience within the first year of work.
  9. Being an essential worker means job stability. Heritage Christian Services supports and employs amazing people. The demand for our care professionals in direct support exceeds our 3,000-person workforce. That’s why we’re always hiring! It’s also why our workforce is always essential.
  10. People always come first. In many companies, numbers and dollars are the bottom line. At HCS, people are the business priority. Who doesn’t want to work for an organization that understands how to put people first?